Steps to Uploading Assignment 1 to Your WordPress

  1. Save jpeg versions of all your Photoshop and files to an easily accessible place (a folder on your desktop for instance).
  2. In Photoshop select: File>Automate>PDF Presentation>Browse>Select the files you want to combine>Save>Name your file YourLastnameAssignment1>Save PDF
  3. Visit the website>
  • Click the there horizontal lines icon in the upper-left hand corner>
  • Select Upload>
  • Click Select Files to Upload>
  • Select Your PDF>
  • Follow Sign Up Information>
  • Once You’ve Created an Account, Find the document you created and click on it to view it (You might have to click on the icon in the upper-right hand corner and select uploads)>
  • Once you’re viewing your PDF in the browser, scroll to the bottom of the screen to the “Activity” section and select embed>
  • A big block of code will show up, but you want to click the blue wordpress button below it>
  • Copy that new, shorter code, paste it into a WordPress Post (Technically it should be the page you created for assignment 1)>
  • Save the Post

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