Reading Questions for Thursday, Aug. 27

Sherry Turkle: “Always On”
  1. This chapter is a little out of date—what information (both facts and philosophical analysis) might we use to update Turkle?
  2. Turkle is fairly pessimistic/negative regarding techno-culture. Are there points at which you find yourself disagreeing with Turkle’s pessimism?
  3. What is a cyborg? How might the concept of cyborg relate to disability (prosthetics)? Do you consider yourself a cyborg?

  1. What is constant connectivity? What’s the difference between connected and over-connected? Give an example? Are there rules of etiquette connectivity?
  2. Are there certain times/places during the day you refuse to connect to the internet or your phone?
  3. Is your Facebook or social media identity the same as your real world meat identity?
  4. What does Turkle mean by the phrase “alone together”?
  5. How do social and mobile media serve are emotional needs? What emotions do you associate with using technology?
  6. Do you have techniques to slow down or reduce your technological cognitive load?
  7. What role should/does social media play in the college classroom?
  8. How does this all play out generationally? What do your parents do and not do?

Tim Brown: “Designing Thinking” Video
  1. What’s the difference between design and design thinking?
  2. On day one we talked about the connections between ethos, pathos, logos, and design—how does .
  3. What does it mean for design to be human-centered? What is the opposite of human-centered design?
  4. Can you think of an example of a participatory system that makes better products by involving users in the design? On the small scale, for example, think of Lay’s potato chips chip flavor campaign or even American Idol. Why do these participatory products become so popular?
  5. If we think about Brown’s presentation as about solving design problems using user feedback, how might Brown’s design thinking approach be used to solve some of the problems mentioned in Turkle? How might the designs in the Turkle readings be redesigned?

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