Reading Questions: Tuesday, September 1

Jonah Berger: “Why Things Catch On”

  1. Choose your favorite example of virality (whether a viral video, product/idea, slacktivist campaign, etc.) and describe briefly, using Berger’s theories, why you think it caught on.
  2. Who do you trust most in life to recommend products to you? Give an example?
  3. Let’s think about trust more carefully—who do you trust? What does this question mean? What is trust? How does trust vary from situation to situation?
  4. What is your favorite idea you learned from Berger’s presentation?
  5. Think of two research topics that you might write about in this class based on Berger’s video. What could you research Continue reading

Reading Questions for Thursday, Aug. 27

Sherry Turkle: “Always On”
  1. This chapter is a little out of date—what information (both facts and philosophical analysis) might we use to update Turkle?
  2. Turkle is fairly pessimistic/negative regarding techno-culture. Are there points at which you find yourself disagreeing with Turkle’s pessimism?
  3. What is a cyborg? How might the concept of cyborg relate to disability (prosthetics)? Do you consider yourself a cyborg?

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Creating an Infographic: Homework

Go to and create an infographic that introduces yourself to me and your class. Include your name, major, hometown, future career, favorite movie or book, and anything else you would like to include. Post this infographic on your warders site. For more instructions see the last step of the wordpress instructions in the previous post. For an example, see below: